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Management Consulting Service

October 09, 2018

At Presence Life Connections, we understand the many challenges you face—from contending with regulatory changes and budgetary constraints to maintaining clinical excellence and retaining staff.

That’s where we come in. Our experienced team is here to help you with the resources and management options that will take the pressure off. Our management consultation services are designed to help you achieve your goals and are completely customized to your specific needs.

We are proud of our achievements and we look forward to sharing our successful approach with you.

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What we can do for you.

Whether you’re short on key personnel, specific expertise or the resources to meet your goals, we’re to step in and lend a hand. As your partner, we bring extensive health care experience and knowledge, well-developed business acumen, operating leverage and a balanced approach to decision making. Our services are available to you at whatever level you need and in just about any area imaginable:


Presence Life Connections will work closely with you to ensure the successful operation of your organization. We provide the support needed for your day-to-day operations and for all of?your administrative functions. Our leadership interacts regularly with your team and develops a strong working relationship with your facility leaders and other employees. We will work with your local campus leadership to coordinate all the support services necessary.

Presence Life Connections leaders can provide your organization with a variety of reports and are available to meet with your leadership periodically to make sure you’re comfortable with our management approaches and strategies. Thanks to well-established relationships with vendors, associations and regulators, our leadership can bring you the best possible opportunities to improve your operations and prepare for the future.

To ensure our proven leadership tactics are deployed, Presence Life Connections will employ the top level leader of each managed site, including the following positions:

For Nursing and Rehab Centers:


  • Assistant Administrator
  • Business Office Manager
  • Director of Nursing
  • Assistant Director of Nursin

For Retirement Communities:

  • Executive Directo

For Home Care and Hospice

  • Director


Through the use of best practices, quality improvement and quality assurance benchmarks, and by providing applicable policies and procedures, Presence Life Connections can assist in meeting all of your clinical care needs. With the support of experienced clinical leaders, we offer staff education, training and assistance to meet patient and resident needs in accordance with State and Federal regulations, and help you prepare for Joint Commission accreditation. This assistance will help improve clinical outcomes, reduce readmissions and provide process improvement.

We can connect you with therapy services to provide physical, occupational and speech therapy, as well as pharmacy services when needed. We can also help you optimize clinical reimbursement by implementing proven MDS coding practices, led by our Director of Clinical Reimbursement/Case Mix, who is an AANAC Certified Master for MDS 3.0.


Presence Life Connections offers financial and budgetary services that can help your bottom line and streamline your systems, including:

  • Provide policies, procedures, training and systems to expedite collection of accounts receivables and supervise orderly payment of accounts payable
  • Conduct reviews of financial systems for compliance with regulations
  • Provide expertise for preparing monthly and year-end financial statements Work closely with clients to develop annual operating and capital budgets
  • Assist in finding appropriate financing options, adding creditability and accountability for consideration with third party financing organizations
  • Share our advantage with group purchasing power due to the large volume of business we conduct in the health care industry with a wide variety of vendors


Helping others is the heart of what we do at Presence Life Connections. We’re grateful to the people whose generosity helps us care for more than 6,000 people every day in communities big and small. Our Fund Development team is available to assist you with establishing and enhancing your fund development services.

Human Resources

Because staffing needs are so critical to the success of your organization, Presence Life Connections will support or assist you in the recruitment, hiring and training of department leaders and other staff as needed. Our operating policies and procedures, as well as strategies for employee growth, can be made available for your organization’s use. Among the Human Resources functions we provide guidance and counseling on the drafting of employee policies and procedures, job descriptions, employee evaluations, disciplinary action and more.

Information Technology

Presence Life Connections is available to assist with developing and designing the information technology needs of your business. Among the services we offer are:

  • Ongoing maintenance and support of systems
  • Access to a 24-hour hotline to troubleshoot your IT needs as they arise
  • Electronic health records (American Health Tech)
  • Software/programs to manage a variety of functions
  • MOS software suppor

Public Relations, Marketing & Sales

Based on many years of experience in health care marketing, Presence Life Connections offers expertise aimed at both increasing your exposure in the marketplace and boosting your reputation in your service area. We can help prepare marketing plans, collateral materials, policies and procedures to ensure that ?you are reaching potential patients, residents and clients with information about your services. This includes ongoing support to help marketing and sales staff employ creative ideas and deploy sources strategically, in a way that maximizes the effectiveness of their efforts. We will help you take advantage of marketing opportunities as they arise as well as assist in establishing a positive presence on the web, including social media.

Risk Management

Presence Life Connections can provide assistance with risk management issues that arise, such as adverse resident incidents, employee litigation issues or discrimination matters. Our Risk Management team can share best practices to reduce your organization’s risk as well as educate the provider and leadership team of pertinent industry issues.

Spiritual Care

Although Presence Life Connections is a Catholic health care Ministry, we can help manage for-profit and not-for-profit facilities. We provide guidance on ethical issues, community relations and help you prepare for faith celebrations. In addition, our Mission Office can help you and your teams provide spiritual support to clients, patients, residents and families.

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