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Signs Your Aging Parents May Need Help

November 01, 2018

Determining when your parents or older adult loved ones need additional care can be difficult - both for you and your parents.

To that end, we've developed a helpful checklist that provides with a helpful checklist.  Keep this list handy so that the next time you talk to or visit your loved ones, you can make notes about their health and living environment.

  • Have you noticed any changes in their eating habits and/or significant weight gain or loss?
  • Is their home unusually cluttered or messy?
  • Is the food in the refrigerator spoiled or past its expiration date?
  • Have they been mishandling finances? (e.g. neglecting bills, making late payments)
  • Are they increasingly forgetful? (e.g. missing doctor's appointments or forgetting to take medications)
  • Have they expressed feelings of loneliness or depression?
  • Are your parents taking care of themselves?  (e.g. clean clothes, freshly bathed, basic grooming)
  • Have you noticed that they are unsteady on their feet or have fallen more than once in the last two months?
  • How is your parent doing compared to the same time last year

If  you come to the conclusion that your parent or loved one's current living situation is not adequate for the help they need, we invite you to learn more about living options at a Presence Life Connections community.

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